Laminate flooring is guaranteed to boost your space. Whether you are searching for the perfect living room or bathroom space, we have the laminate flooring designs for you at a reasonable price. Why not discover new shades of monotones for your living room bathroom?

Laminate floorings come in various thicknesses, colours, textures, forms and sizes. We offer a wide range of laminate floorings, from the quality and minimal rate options to supreme and classy products. The design and manufacturing give you the freedom to own the beauty of the wooden look.

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Why Select Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring has been popular in homes worldwide for many years, but why is it such? Well, it is impressive!

Here are a few points one should keep in mind before selecting laminate flooring – 

Scratch Resistant – We change our minds very often with the placing of furniture in our house. When this furniture is shifted from one corner to the other, it creates chaos and sometimes even scratches in the tiles. To prevent this, our expert guide assists you in selecting laminate flooring where you would not have to worry about it. 

Hygienic and Clean – When it comes to flooring, laminate flooring is so far the best-reviewed and most used tiles across. This has the additional advantage of being hygienic and requires less maintenance. Do not worry about cleaning using a lot of chemicals. A daily sweep mob and a weekly water mop can do wonders. 

Versatility – laminate flooring is available in neutral tones and can be used to suit any decor style from the countryside. The flooring looks bright and colourful in rooms, and laminate flooring can be a perfect choice for your home. It has a versatile collection of colours, patterns and sizes.

Durability – People coming from busy and pet-friendly families need something that has strong resistance. It is almost impossible to control our pets’ playful behaviour, so we have no option but to buy something strong and durable. 

Where can you use them? 

Living Spaces – Laminate flooring suits perfectly for any living room. It can resist everyday wear and tear and works well with low moisture levels. Without a doubt, you also cherish the look of it, which feels classy and modern. 

Kitchen – Laminate is ideal for a kitchen space. It can withstand everyday spills and stains, and sometimes it gets very tough to get rid of them. We have tile and wood effects; you can select the best possible one for your beautiful space. 

Bathroom – Who wouldn’t like the ecstasy look of a wooden bathroom? Showering in wooden flooring bathrooms is the dream of almost everyone, and leave it all to us to fulfil your needs and requirements. 

Offices – Your offices can have minimalistic rich look designs for floorings. Laminate floorings allow you to select from various colours, sizes, patterns, etc. Wooden-styled floorings give a rich and classy look to the office’s ambience.

Simple DOs and DONTs for Laminate Floorings – 

  • Don’t walk with very sharp heels on your flooring. Make use of stick pads if it is unavoidable. 
  • Keep doormats in your entrances, especially in monsoons and autumns, so the mat is in the water and dirt from the shoes. 
  • Avoid shifting furniture frequently from one corner of the house to another to eliminate scratches. 
  • Clean your floorings occasionally with suitable liquids, and avoid using harsh liquids. 

Want your Service Hassle-free? 

Don’t worry; Inner space has got you covered with its dynamic range of collections with varying textures, colours and sizes. We also care for our client’s minute requirements and our experts help them choose the suitable catalogue. 

Order your laminate footings with us today and live in your dream home.