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Amtico Flooring At Innerspce: Lasting Luxury, Timeless Appeal

Welcome to Innerspace. We give exceptional flooring options to all our customers. We are passionate about transforming your spaces into breathtaking showcases of style and durability. Here, you are going to find the widest choice of stunning Amtico floor designs with long-lasting durability. We only produce water-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring, which is backed by an Amtico warranty. 

With Amtico, you can get a beautifully warm and quiet surface. Since Amtico flooring replicates natural materials perfectly, they are much easier to clean and maintain than natural products. 

Here at Inner Space, we are approved Amtico Suppliers offering a full range of Amtico Spacia, Amtico Signature, Amtico Form, and Luxury Vinyl Tiles. We also have special advisors from our Amtico-trained support team. Besides Amtico Flooring we also deal in Porcelain tiles, Hardwood Flooring, Parquet Flooring and Laminate Flooring too. Do not forget to check out our exclusive range here. 

Know a bit about Amtico Flooring.

Amtico is a 50-year-old British company that leads the market of vinyl floors. The company works closely with professional architects and interior designers to create stunning and unmatchable designs. 

The vinyl tiles and planks from Amtico Signature, Amtico Form, and Amtico Spacia are an excellent fit for spaces that have high footfall. All its collections are wear-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

Amtico Flooring: Reasons to Select this Luxury Flooring Option

Amtico flooring is a popular option for home and business settings because of its many benefits. Several of the significant benefits of this type of flooring are:

Beauty of wood

Well, we all love modern styles. And here at Innerspace, we provide you with the classiest flooring options ever available. Wooden styles are trendy in the United Kingdom, and you can quickly achieve this with Amtico Flooring. 

Design Capabilities

There are numerous designs you can create with Amtico flooring. Since it comes in a range of colours, techniques, and patterns, you can achieve the desired look with it anytime, anywhere. You do not have to blow your budget by choosing natural flooring options like wood, stone, or ceramic tiles now. Yes, believe us when we say this. 

Relatively Low Upkeep

When it comes to maintenance requirements, Amtico does not need heavy cleaning. You can clean them at periodic intervals. Routine sweeping and vacuuming will keep them in pristine condition. 

Water Resistant

Amtico flooring is the best choice for areas that have wet environments, like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. It does not distort when exposed to water. So you can use these flooring options carefree in such areas. 

Scratch Resistant and Durable

Who doesn’t love durability? After all, no one can spend on flooring again and again. Everyone these days needs durable and practical flooring options. Amtico is best for busy families with children and pets. Since these floors are scratch-resistant, children and pets can play on them with little or no harm to the floors. 

No spills and stains

Spills and stains are typical in homes. Even commercial spaces are not safe from it. And if you don’t have it, we must say you are fortunate!! However, you can become even more luckier with Amtico Flooring since stains can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning liquid. Isn’t it just the perfect flooring option??? Who all agree with us? 


Today, everything is about sustainability. People of the United Kingdom need sustainable flooring options now. So, Amtico uses only recycled materials to create these stunning floors. The company keeps environmental safety as the top priority. 


Amtico floors are made to last. Trust us when we say that. Since it is made using cutting-edge technology, the floors can survive the most challenging conditions. And the good news is that- They come with a warranty!! 

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection and make your space a beautiful haven. Innespace will be happy to help!

Amtico Range: Discover the diverse world of Amtico Flooring

Let us see what range we provide to our customers: 

Amtico Spacia

This collection at Innerspace definitely deserves your attention. Amtico Spacia is a unique collection of versatile wood and stone floors that come in natural colours and realistic patterns. They are beautifully simple and effortlessly stylish. 


  • Super tough wear layers, which makes it highly durable
  • Numerous designs and patterns
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a warranty

Discover our Amtico Spacia Collection now!! We have everything from bold colours to cool colours.

 Amtico Form

It is another exceptional range by Amtico. It has classic and timeless designs. It is perfect for people who want an elegant flooring option for their space. Our collection has organically inspired surface textures that can blend effortlessly with modern and traditional rooms. 


  • Super tough layer that gives long-lasting protection
  • Antimicrobial
  • Comes in realistic grain structures
  • Comes with a warranty

Amtico form is here to enhance the practicality of Luxury Vinyl Tiles. It brings the perfect blend of style and function to any space. Explore our collection of Amtico Form now!!

Amtico Signature

This range by Amtico is undeniably unforgettable. With this collection, you can achieve extraordinary floors anytime, anywhere. It comes in unique patterns, colours and textures. We will give you all the technical support to bring your imagination to reality using this range. 


  • Super tough wear layer to give long-lasting protection
  • Hygienic as it is antimicrobial
  • Comes with warranty
  • Made in Britain

Aren’t you convinced yet?? Okay, explore our collection now and believe in yourself. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles ( LVT)

These tiles are designed to mimic the appearance of natural materials like wood and stone. It is an affordable and durable flooring option for people these days. It does not emit VOC, making it perfect for those who want to maintain a healthy environment inside. 

Amtico Flooring For Every Space: Innovation meets durability

Living Room Floor Tiles

They say that the living room is the heart of any room. With Amtico Flooring, you can achieve the perfect furnished wooden floors. 


Who doesn’t love vintage, modern and classy bedrooms?? Anyway, leave all your worries to us as we will create the best luxurious bedrooms for you using our Amtico Flooring options. 

Gardens and Backyards

Gardens are the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature, take a break from the long, hectic schedule and have a cup of hot coffee all by yourself. Amtico floors add a cherry on top. Create beautiful gardens with our collection. 


Do you love minimalistic kitchen designs?? Choose our Amtico floors, which are antimicrobial, easy to clean, water resistant and ultra-safe. 

Reasons to Choose Inner Space

We offer an extensive range.

To get the latest collection on Amtico flooring options, contact Innerspace now. We have an exclusive range of Amtico Signature, Amtico Form and LVTs. 

We give unmatchable quality.

We are committed to providing only high-quality products to our clients. We only offer durable and long-lasting flooring options to our customers. 

We provide Expert Guidance.

Our team at Innerspace will guide you through the selection process. We can offer you guidance on colours, designs, patterns and installation. 

We have commercial and residential Expertise.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for flooring options for your residential or commercial space. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all your flooring needs. 

We are affordable

We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We give you the best Amtico flooring options at affordable prices. Trust us on that!

Remember to explore our range of Porcelain Tiles, Hardwood Flooring and Parquet Flooring, too. We offer only the best!!