Porcelain Tiles

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A new world of style is just a click away. Inner Space is your new go-to solution for superior-quality porcelain floor tiles. Be it your living room, bathroom, primary bedroom or kitchen, we have got you covered for all. Porcelain tiles give you a unique touch with a wide range of colours, textures and much more. You wouldn’t regret purchasing funky exotic designs or classic styles.

If you are looking for mind-boggling home inspo designs, we’ve curated a creation that will give you a surprising finish.

Why Choose Porcelain Floor Tiles?

When choosing tiles for your house, it is the most original ones we look for – that should remind you that you are safe with us for any queries and doubts! With so many options, we will surely find the right porcelain floor tile for your project.


Porcelain is a manufactured type of ceramic and stands out for its durability, strength and wide range of customisable products.


A process that involves using fine, high temperature, dense clays and pressure to manufacture tiles, porcelain floors seem to be harder and fitter as compared to other tiles.

Water & Stain Resistance

Porcelain is non-porous; therefore, you don’t have to worry about staining, unlike natural stones and marbles. You no longer have to worry about your kid dropping off food, juices and, for that matter, even his water colours because porcelain tiles are water and stain resistant so that you can be all yours without a worry!

Low maintenance

Means you don’t have to be so hard on yourself to clean the floors now and then. The maintenance is as low as you wish you had. Though you choose Matt non-slip, gloss, or any other, maintenance comes easy.

Porcelain floor tiles shapes, sizes, and colours

All our collections offer a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes. Be it your vintage room, modern room or anything you’d want, we can help you tick off your bucket list for having your stylish room. Colours play a very important role in the room decor, and the vibe you want for your room directly affects the colours we help you select.

Kitchen Tiles – How to select the perfect colours?

Colours play a vital role in styling your dream house! With colours, we can create magic, fabulous home styles, etc. We have curated a perfect catalogue for you, and we would like you to enjoy the feel of it. Colours can be customised as per your choice, and we have experts from our side who would love to assist you in creating the best colour scheme for your spaces. We have colour palettes that can guide you in selecting the porcelain tiles you would Like to use in your home space.

The 3S – Structure, Sizes & Shapes


The structure of the porcelain tiles involves the kind of Space we suggest you accommodate porcelain tiles in. This can be a guide to you as to where to use them for.


Sizes can always vary from each other. With dimensions starting as little as 7.5cm x 15 cm and going up to 60cm x 120cm, you can buy small or large porcelain floor tiles right here. Our experts help you choose the best size for your floorings – Cause we make sure your house looks no less than your desired one!


Shapes can vary from rectangle to square; too many more different shapes that you can select from our catalogue.

Kitchen Tiles – Styles and How to choose them?

There are innumerable styles of tiles we provide. Some of them you can select for you could be:

Matt Finish Tiles

Matt are the types of tiles with a vintage furnish look. Porcelain matt tiles give texture and depth to your Space. It comes with a touch of a non-shiny modern finish.

Non-slip Tiles

We all sometimes rush and run, and safety is always a matter of concern. Porcelain non-slip tiles take care of you and your loved ones. It provides a non-slippery textured surface.

Wood effect Tiles

Wood effect porcelain tiles cannot be missed out on for your aesthetic lavish living room look. These types of tiles have a wooden surface texture, and it is usually non-slip.

Where can you Accommodate Porcelain tiles?


Your kitchen is your go-to place whenever you are hungry. We provide you with the ultimate collection of our porcelain kitchen tiles. Kitchen tiles need durability and sustainability as tea spills, coffee spills, and sauce bottles slip. These stains leave a mark and look shabby. Hence, we take utmost care of all such factors and provide you with the best.


Your bathroom tiles are definitely to be taken care of for your safety. Non-slipping porcelain tiles are your go-to solution, and we make sure our experts take care of your safety like none other.

Living rooms & Bedrooms

These are the two spaces you spend most of your day in. A majestic lavish look for you and your beloved guests is provided. Porcelain bedroom and living room tiles will give a fabulous look to your desired house.


You can choose porcelain tiles for your workspaces as well. These tiles will make an everlasting impression on your workspace. Considering your office’s vibe, we recommend the best possible tiles.

Why Choose Inner Space?

We manufacture and export ceramic wall and porcelain tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, and digital tiles. We are famous for adding that sense of grandeur and splendour through sheer product quality. Based in the United Kingdom, Accompanied by certified methods of production that provide quality and European conformity, We are a group of companies that ensures better quality service.
Amazing quality ambience with a blend of European, Italian, Spanish and high-end machinery as well as technical excellence and expertise, is reflected in the well-designed quality tiles that make up our identity. A brand famous for being one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of the leading wall, vitrified, floor and porcelain tiles, a wide range of our tiles are applied in offices, bathrooms tiles, kitchens or living rooms.